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About us

Committed to excellence


Our family business was established in 1996 by the late Mrs Eva McFadyen, who was a firm believer in the health benefits of garlic and ginger. She began processing and packaging her homemade products from her garage in Alberton, Johannesburg.

Through sheer determination and the superior quality of her products, she slowly but surely captured a vast share of the greater Johannesburg market.

From these humble beginnings, Garlic Man has grown into an established national brand within the industry, employing 49 staff at our Durban branch. 

  • Vision
    To be the largest, most reliable supplier of quality garlic products in South Africa, and be present on every supermarket, wholesaler, retailer shelf – and in every household and restaurant kitchen.
  • Mission
    To provide the consumer with a safe and exceptional quality product at a competitive price, by staying at the cutting edge of product innovations and trends through constant research and development. We are Halaal and ISO22000:2005 certified and HACCAP compliant.
  • Values
    Our Garlic Man family upholds these values: Integrity, Accountability, Honesty, Transparency, Respect, Excellence, Innovation and Community Upliftment.

Research and development

Given constantly changing consumer preferences and patterns, our product researchers surf the crest of a gastronomical wave, regularly introducing innovative and exciting variations and additions to our range, from Eastern to Mediterranean flavours and beyond.

Our key personnel in Research & Development have a combined knowledge in excess of 86 years in the spice and food industry, enabling us to make informed choices that satisfy the consumer’s needs.

Food safety

We take great pride in having attained all the major food safety standard accreditations, and conduct regular audits to ensure these standards are maintained at the highest level:

  • ISO22000 compliant Food Safety Management System
  • SANS 10049 compliant Occupational Health and Safety System
  • S.A.N.A.H Certification

Garlic Man is the first garlic company in South Africa to be endorsed by the Heart Foundation for our Garlic (excluding the spreads) and Garlic & Ginger products.